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About Keller Creative

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Our Interiors

All interiors designed by Keller Creative are obsessively centered around our client's dream experiences. We take the time to really get to know you, your habits, your ambitions, what you like and dislike, all so we can create interiors that feel effortlessly full of life.


From new builds to room-by-room renovations we are here for your interior design needs. Learn more about our interior design services and our process.

Our Principal Designer

Rachel is the Keller in Keller Creative. She was born and raised in central Florida, rooted in a community that made her life an adventure. Through movement, music, art and writing, she was always happiest when creating - inspired by who and what was around her. As a creative professional and now designer, these influences still ring true.


"To me, good interior design is a pillar of good health. We exist once - right here, right now. Give yourself the permission to spend that time among quality interiors created just for you. Interiors that invigorate you, re-center you and envelop you."

Rachel is a current Lady of Lakeland and has been named a recipient of San Antonio's 40 Under 40 award, a Director of Digital and a New York Institute of Art & Design student. 

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